Nap-Time Projects- DIY small projects to add happiness to your home.

For us moms, nap-time is a sacred time of day. It is the only calm moment we have to take a breath from what the day has thrown at us. To actually drink warm coffee, catch up on laundry and tidy up, or maybe even shower. Even if you work from home you may feel the same way. But some days, boredom sets in and you suddenly find yourself wanting to change something random about your home. “I really want to paint a wall!” “I want my home to feel more me” “I want to move my furniture around” Sound familiar? Well this is something that I find myself doing a lot, especially being an interior designer and working out of my home and seeing the same space day-in-and-day-out. You just realize the things that you want to change. So I decided, what is stopping me??

Well, my first nap-time DIY-sesh was to replace my construction grade shiny towel rod with 3 brushed chrome hooks. It was very simple, and only took 2 hours from start to finish.